Thursday, March 4, 2010

The German Fräuleins

(Spring 2009)

The new New York City- based fashion line The German Fräuleins creates Lieblingsstücke, personal favorites, for modern and sophisticated women.
The two founders and designers Alexa and Angelika turned their professional experience and visions into their own clothing line in 2008. The duo said they were happy about being able to build their own collection, where all their ideas could be put into effect, with two core elements in mind: flattering designs and uncompromising quality. The designer duo thinks of their collection as a luxurious ensemble, from evening chic to luxurious loungewear. (Image:

Alexa said the recent fall/winter collection included coats with fur trims, cardigans, hoodies, skirts, cashmere capes, oversized sweaters and knit dresses, ranging from $180 to $1,800.
“ This is our first big season, the clients have just ordered and are now waiting for their order to arrive,” Alexa said. The German Fräuleins are being displayed next to famous brands such as Vivienne Westwood in the high-end fashion showroom Scatola, in NYC.
So far the feedback Alexa and Angelika have gotten from their clients, is that they love the quality and fit and are convinced by the reasonable price. Based on their belief of authenticity and credibility, their pieces are manufactured in Italy.
Alexa said, “The products quality and fit is often compared to Prada and Jil Sander, it is made by the same knitters in Italy, but the price is more reasonable.”
“Americans see The German Fräuleins as hip, as a German product with convincible Italian quality,” she said.
“ Our client is sexy, has understatement and an eye for extraordinary quality and fit,” Alexa said.
“ Her Lieblingsstück must be wearable for both the office, dinner party and for lounging at home.”
Even though the designs are just now hitting the American market, young women seem enthusiastic. Some just heard about the new line through word of mouth and some saw it for the first time online.
The flexibility of being able to wear the designs for different occasions convinced Celine Gendron, a Univeristy of Vermont sophmore."I like The German Fräuleins line because their look is sophisticated yet simple. Their collection provides clothes that can be interchanged for dressing up or down, which is necessary for the modern chic woman,” she said.
On the same note Nicole McCartney said she likes what she has seen so far. As a young mother she likes that the designs are something she can wear day to day, but also to the law firm.
Recent Brown University graduate, Alexandra Panzer thinks the fräuleins clothing line takes the classic simplicity and comfort of blue jeans and a white T-shirt to the next level in sexy sophistication.
Tess Panzer a young Hollywood based actress said: "I think that Alexa and Angelika's line exudes an effortlessly chic, and very feminine appeal. It is modern, sexy and soft. It accentuates the female form without overly complicated structural constraints."
Alexa and Angelika agree that many may be skeptical about the future, but for them the year 2009 is the time for a breakthrough. “ A crises situation means change, which implies the search for new values,” they said.

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