Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Here I am the German girl, but back home I am the American girl. I have always accepted yet have been confused with my own identity...

My Minorities in the Media course this semester has got me thinking... 

I was born in Munich, Germany -- partially raised there and somehow never left, even when my family moved to the States. I attended an International School where I was taught in both English and German, and later in Spanish. I returned home every single summer-- sometimes even in the fall for Oktoberfest and winter and spring and I always had a Dirndl (Bavarian traditional dress) in my closet. I was German and America could not robb me of that.

Somehow I never felt I was being Americanized even if my German friends thought so. I remember loving living in both worlds and having two identities ( well thats what i believed). But then it hit me....

I had at some point lived in the US for quite a while, even became an American citizen (after having had the Green card- which was actually pink) but yet home for me was still Munich.

I left Germany leaving behind a couple of dear friends -- but now my group of friends has grown. Despite me having lived in the US, with dear friends at school -- every time I have to leave my german friends, I felt I would be separated from them for too long.

I count down the days until my next trip back home, but sometimes I wonder what would it all be like if I move back? Maybe the excitement is because I am gone?

A part of me never left, but a part of me was molded here in America. I sometimes don't know where I belong. Even though I am German and always will be, I am also American -- at least according to my friends and dual citizenship. But in the end of the day you are who you are -- and thats where you feel most like yourself.

In the end home is where the heart is. And i guess my heart never left my hometown of Munich, Germany.

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